Prof. Dr. Stefan Bornholdt

Physics of Complex System

We study general principles of complex systems using statistical physics. Research topics include complex networks, theoretical systems biology, self-organized criticality, socio- and econophysics.


Dr. Udo Ernst

Computational Neurophysics

Our lab investigates nonlinear dynamics and information processing in neural systems using methods from theoretical physics. We study collective phenomena in cortical networks and flexible computation in the visual system, and develop novel approaches for neuroprosthetics.


PD Dr. Christopher Gies

Semiconductor Quantum Photonics

Quantum machine learning in the context of quantum reservoir computing We are advancing research of nanoscale optoelectronic devices and their building blocks for applications in quantum technologies.


Prof. Dr. Frank Jahnke

Solid State Physics

Combining solid state physics, many-body theory, and quantum optics for research on quantum materials, quantum technologies as well as novel optoelectronic systems and effects.


Prof. Dr. Claus Lämmerzahl

Gravitational Physics

Our research is focused on analytical calculations of orbits of particles and light in general relativistic spacetimes. We study problems in astronomy, relativistic effects on the motion and tracking of satellites and relativistic geodesy.



Prof. Dr. Klaus Pawelzik

Theoretical Bio- and Neurophysics

Using methods from physics, statistics and mathematics, our group investigates neural dynamics and information processing in the brain.


Prof. Dr. Michael Sentef

Light-Matter Control of Quantum Materials

We investigate light-driven quantum materials employing methods for nonequilibrium quantum many-body systems. Our goal is to devise innovative light-matter control schemes to enable new functionalities emerging at the intersection of solid-state physics and quantum optics.

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