Professorship of Institutional Economics

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    to the Professorship of Institutional Economics

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    Our focus is on teaching theoretical foundations and quantitative and experimental methods necessary to analyse complex developmental and transition processes in economics.

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    Using quantitative and experimental methods, we investigate how political institutions affect economic processes, with a focus on the countries of Eastern Europe and Asia.

Head and Topics

Prof. Dr. Michael Rochlitz

Michael Rochlitz

Comparative Political Economy

Economic Development and Economic Growth

Institutional Change and Economic Transformation


Ukraine event

The kick-off event of the BYRD postdoc network “Rethinking Ukrainian Studies: Understanding the Country through Ukrainian Voices”

The panel discussion “Ukrainian studies in times of war: ways forward” organized by the BYRD postdoc network took place on February 20, 2023. Aiming to situate the current state of Ukrainian studies in and outside of Ukraine in the context of the ongoing Russian invasion, it brought in the voices of…

DGO Congres


On October 6-7, 2022, the first edition of the DGO-Congress of Central and East European Studies took place at the Free University Berlin. The Congress is designed to be the largest multidisciplinary conference on Central and Eastern Europe in the German-speaking realm. The event is a cooperation…

New SSRN working paper

A new paper by Michael Rochlitz, Olga Masyutina, Koen Schoors and Yulia Khalikova “Authoritarian Durability, Prospects of Change and Individual Behavior: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Russia” is out as a SSRN working paper.

Abstract: How does the prospect of an autocrat remaining in office…


AG Rochlitz


Michael Rochlitz




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