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10th ICSID Conference

On June 7-10, 2021, our cooperation partner, the International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development at the HSE University, held its 10th annual conference. The conference, "Political Economy in a Changing World", brought together scholars from Europe, Russia, the US and Asia who discussed a variety of topics, e.g. political elites in Post-Soviet space and the media and public opinion.

Ekaterina Paustyan, Olga Masyutina and Michael Rochlitz presented their latest research projects there:

Ekaterina Paustyan - “Exploring Subnational Elite Networks in Authoritarian Regimes: The Case of Belgorod Oblast”

Olga Masyutina - “Environmental Politics in Authoritarian Regimes: Waste Management Reform in the Russian Regions” (with Ekaterina Paustyan and Grigory Yakovlev)

Michael Rochlitz - “Authoritarian Innovation” (with David Karpa and Torben Klarl). Michael also chaired one of the panels and discussed two conference papers.

HSE building