central administration affairs

The Bremen University´s processes and organisational structures are very dynamic and enhance constantly. Administrative processes, technical support and assistance have to suit the requirements of science and research. Hence, there is a need of promotion in all of the University´s organisational areas.

The department of central admission affairs offers counseling and support for every step in organisational projects.

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schedule of responsibilities
The schedule of responsibilities (GVP) records the assigned tasks and the relationships between the different functions and departments.

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job postings
The increasing demands research and teaching place on the University’s internal service providers and the State and University Library call for highly qualified and motivated employees across all functions. The successful recruitment of qualified employees is more important than ever. This also applies to the internal allocation of posts.

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personnel selection process

The University´s most important capital is highly skilled and motivated staff. In the increasingly fierce competition between universities for the best employees, it is of utmost importance to have a successful staff selection strategy.