Light-Matter Control of Quantum Materials

  • Light-matter interaction on a 2D material (symbolic picture)

    Light-matter interaction on a 2D material

    (Symbolic figure)

  • Effects in cavity quantum materials (symbolic picture)

    Effects in cavity quantum materials

    (Symbolic figure)

  • Cavity quantum materials (symbolic picture)

    Cavity quantum materials

    (Symbolic figure)

Join us!

If you have been always excited about Hermitian and non-Hermitian operators, you want to deepen your (and our) knowledge on quantum materials in interaction with light (or sometimes without), you are not afraid of computers, and you enjoy to work in an agile international team: make your bachelor, your master or even your PhD thesis in the LMCQM group. Contact Michael for further details.

We are a theoretical condensed matter physics research group having fun at the intersection of non-equilibrium many-body physics, quantum materials, and quantum optics. We also simulate atomistic systems with different levels of approximations, and participate in the development of an open source scientific software package which is used all over the world.

We are part of the Institute of Theoretical Solid-State Physics and the Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science.


Phonon-induced band gap renormalization by dielectric dependent global hybrid density functional tight binding

T. van der Heide, B. Hourahine, B. Aradi, T. Frauenheim, and T. A. Niehaus

Phys. Rev. B  109, 245103 (2024)

Global hybrid exchange-correlation energy functionals within generalized Kohn-Sham density functional theory have long been established as part of the standard repertoire for electronic…

TOC figure

Exploring the Mechanisms behind Non-aromatic Fluorescence with the Density Functional Tight Binding Method

G. D. Mirón, C. R. Lien-Medrano, D. Banerjee, U. N. Morzan, M. A. Sentef, R. Gebauer, and A. Hassanali

J. Chem. Theory Comput.  20, 3864 (2024)

Recent experimental findings reveal nonconventional fluorescence emission in biological systems devoid of conjugated bonds or aromatic compounds, termed…

TOC-figure of the publication

Theory of resonantly enhanced photo-induced superconductivity

C. J. Eckhardt, S. Chattopadhyay, D. M. Kennes, E. A. Demler, M. A. Sentef & M. H. Michael

Nat. Commun.  15, 2300 (2024)

Optical driving of materials has emerged as a versatile tool to control their properties, with photo-induced superconductivity being among the most fascinating examples. In this…

Title figure of the CMD31-workshop

Mini-colloqium on the CMD31

Michael organizes the mini-colloqium MC34 - Nonequilibrium dynamics and control of quantum materials on the CMD31 in Braga, Portugal. Visit the website of the conference for further details and registrations.


Michael awarded with ERC Consolidator Grant

With the ERC Consolidator Grant, he will receive funding of around two million euros. The funding will benefit the CAVMAT research project he is leading, which focuses on new ways of changing matter through light.

Further details in the university's press release.