Nora Diehl

Nora Diehl, M.Sc.

I studied Biological Sciences with a marine focus (Bachelor of Science) and Marine Biology (Master of Science) at the University of Rostock, Germany.

I am interested in the responses of marine macroalgae to environmental stress, with a focus on biochemistry and eco-physiology.

During my Master’s I have spent 8 months in New Zealand for the studies of my Master Thesis (“Eco-physiological acclimation of the red alga Pyropia plicata to its habitat in New Zealand”) and an internship about red algae and oomycete genetics.

The aim of my PhD is to gain a deeper understanding of the interspecific acclimation of kelp species to ocean warming along the European coast (Spitsbergen to Portugal) with respect to their physiological and biochemical status with a new emphasis on cell energetics. Therefore, among other things, I analyze different stress responses, e.g. photosynthetic efficiency, antioxidants, and storage products of the three kelp species Saccharina latissima, Laminaria solidungula and Laminaria ochroleuca.