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The M.Sc. programme "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" is an intensive, research oriented training programme. It will last either 18 or 24 months, depending on whether you participate in the accelerated schedule by participating in courses all year, or in the regular schedule (following the semester structure at German universities).You will receive an thorough education in biochemistry and molecular biology, which will expand your previous knowledge in chemistry or biology (or other related studies which you have finished with a B.Sc.). The education is organized in modules A - G which contain mandatory modules, a supplementary module of your choice, laboratory rotations, a project proposal and a Master Thesis.

"Microbial Systems (MicroSys)" is a specialization within the above mentioned programme with focus on molecular microbiology, diversity and applied microbiology. The Universities of Applied Sciences Bremen and Bremerhaven are participating in this specialization.



All courses are given in English.


Who can apply?

The programme is intended for students holding a first degree (B.Sc. or equivalent) in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, medicine, agriculture, or related fields. The programme is open for both domestic and foreign students. Students from universities that do not offer B.Sc .degrees may also qualify if their training is equivalent (e.g. German students with a Vordiplom or Physicum and one additional year of advanced courses).

For application requirements and application procedure - see Application.



Our master programme is accredited until 30th September 2024 according to the system accreditation of the University of Bremen by AAQ Swiss agency of accreditation and quality assurance.

Contact for information and application

Stefanie Haack
NW2 A3175
phone: +49-421-218-62861
mscbmbprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Deadline for application

We can offer you our master program "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" which will start in October 2019.

For the course starting in October 2019 you can send us your online application starting from December 2018. Deadline for application will be 15th January, 2019 for the winter semester 2019/2020.

Our master students Ms Srishti Rangarajan, Mr. Manfred Anim and Ms Paulina Mendoza would like to give you some impression of our master programme as well as of the city of Bremen.