NumberDate of defenseName of master studentTitle of master thesis
12723rd December, 2016Daniel Arno BlumSerfs of the Corals: Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions on the Cell Surface of the Cultivated Symbiont Symbiodinium Clade A
12621st December, 2016Theresa HartenAnalysis of the Promoter Region of exaA3 Encoding an Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Azoarcus sp. BH72
12519th December, 2016Hania MoussaEstablishment of a cholesterol quantification assay and investigation of the effects of methyl β-cyclo-dextrin on glial cells
12416th December, 2016Johann SteinmeierEnzyme-Dependent and -Independent Reduction of the Tetrazolium Salt WST-1
12313th December, 2016Anasua PalInvestigation of Hippo kinase LATS2 in pancreatic ß-cells
12217th June, 2016Osmond Darrel RebelloInvestigation of the binding of recombination trans-sialidases from Trypanosoma congolense to blood cells
12127th May, 2016Radhika Jayant DhekaneModification of PAR-2 agonist peptide and establishment of calcium mobilization assay to test its agonistic properties
12025th May, 2016Emily-Jane RüschendorfCalcium dependent effects on expression, secretion and sub-cellular distribuition of HDGF-A and HDGF-B in the human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT
11919th April, 2016Mandy HegewaldNatural and Artificial genetic Modifications and their Impact on the Development and Function of the Arabidopsis Female Gametophyte
11815th April, 2016Nilima Dinesh KumarRole of N-glycosylation in Trypanosoma congolense trans-sialidase enzyme activity and oligomerization
11729th February, 2016Arundhati JoshiUptake and toxicity of copper oxide nanoparticles in C6 glioma cells
1162nd February, 2016Karsten StapelfeldWST-1 reduction as a viability and cell metabolism assay in cultured brain astrocytes
11519th January, 2016Lucas LansingEctomycorrhiza repressed genes: cellular localisation of gene expression in Aspen roots and subcellular localisation of encoded proteins
11414th January, 2016Eric EhrkeModulation of the glycolytic flux in cultured brain astrocytes
1138th January, 2016Jana MüllerPlant growth promotion and root colonisation by rare isolates of rice