M. Sc. Julius Werthschütz

PhD Student

Address:Leobener Str. 6 (UFT)
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Tel.:0421 218-50282




The mechanism of the generation of neurogenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s disease is not well-understood. Similarly, a fundamental understanding of existing mechanisms in the body that prevent the generation of these diseases remain elusive as well. In this project, mixed QM/MM calculations are used to study the relevant biochemical systems in the body with the aim of elucidating prevention mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. The insights gained in these simulations will pave the way for more efficient therapies of neurodegenerative diseases. This project is a collaboration with the Prof. Dr. Janine Kirstein (FB2) and Dr. Susan Köppen (BCCMS).



  1. Y. Appiarius, P. Puylaert, J. Werthschütz, T. Neudecker, A. Staubitz, “Complexation of Boron and Aluminum with a Bidentate Hydroxy-BN-naphthalene Ligand”, Inorganics 202311, 295.
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