Pedro Durán, M. Sc

Former Associate Researcher at the Department for Resilient Energy Systems (at artec Sustainability Research Center)

Since 2021

Research Associate at Department for Resilient Energy Systems, FB 4, University of Bremen.

2019 – 2020

Research Assistant at German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Networked Energy Systems, Oldenburg.

2018 – 2020

Master of Science in Renewable Energy (PPRE), Carl von Ossietzky Universty of Oldenburg.

Master Thesis: Technology pathways for transforming high temperature to low temperature district heating systems in the ENaQ project.

Internship: Institute of Thermal Engineering, University of Kassel.

2016 – 2017

Year abroad as part of the „Movilidad Estudiantil“ program at the University of Stuttgart

2012 – 2018

Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering, Universidad de Chile.

Diplom Thesis: Estudio de factibilidad técnica y económica de una planta de secado de arándanos en base a energía geotérmica en la localidad de Liquiñe.

Dynamic thermal modeling

Low temperature district heating systems

Energy systems in neighborhoods