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Research Focus

Research interests and activities of the Working Group are as follow:

  • In the Industrial Ecology, among other works for material flow management - in particular the substance flow analysis of critical metals (with a focus on identifying and avoiding dissipative losses) for hazardous substance prevention or substitution, as well as opportunities and risks of new technologies' (such as nanotechnology and synthetic biology. ) performed.
  • In the implementation of life cycle assessments and material flow analysis with the software GaBi and Umberto. Since May 2011, the Department of Umberto Competence Center.
  • In the development of sustainability strategies in cooperation with companies, where the main focus is on a better understanding of innovation processes.
  • In the climate adaptation. The focus here is the resilient energy supply in the Metropolitan Region Bremen-Oldenburg.
  • In the development of methods for technology evaluation, particularly for prospective and in-process technology evaluation. One approach is here, for example the extension of the LCA method to entropy balances.
  • In the prospective and preventive-oriented technology design.

The activities of the department therefore include both basic research and application-oriented projects.

On the following pages you will find a list of

  • current research projects as well as the already
  • completed research projects.


Images of Quarree100

Publication of a results brochure of the QUARREE100 project for interested parties in and around the Rüsdorfer Kamp neighborhood in Heide

Within project QUARREE100, a results brochure was published to provide information for residents of the Rüsdorfer Kamp neighborhood in Heide, Schleswig Holstein and interested parties.

The participants of the workshop "Use of digital, simulation-based tools in stakeholder processes of urban (infrastructure) planning" on February 29, 2024 at the University of Stuttgart

Participation in the expert workshop at the University of Stuttgart: "Use of digital, simulation-based tools in stakeholder processes of urban (infrastructure) planning"

How is a target group-oriented design of tools for urban (infrastructure) planning achieved? On February 29, 2024, ZIRIUS invited scientists from around 20 research projects from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Stadt Land Zukunft

Presentation of the Q-Scope at the Konferenz Zukunftsstadt 2024

On March 13 and 14, 2024, Lennart Winkeler and Torben Stührmann, with the support of Bennet Petznik, presented the interactive participation platform Q-Scope


Philipp Eppe at the Behave Conference 2023 in Maastricht

Philipp Eppe gave a presentation at the 7th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency (Behave Conference 2023) in the Netherlands.

Teilnehmer*innen eines Seminars zur Datenalayse von erneuerbaren Energieressourcen im Rahmen der 26. Informatica Feminale in Bremen

Seminar on data analysis of renewable energy resources at the 26th Informatica Feminale in Bremen

Mariela Tapia held a seminar during 24.-25.08.2023 at the 26th Informatica Feminale, the international Summer University for women* students and practitioners in computer science, which is organized by the University of Bremen.

Final Meeting of the first Project Phase

Am 14. und 15. Juni 2022 fand an der Technischen Universität Bergakademie Freiberg das Abschlusstreffen von Phase 1 des Projektes KEROSyN100 statt. Neben spannenden Vorträgen bot die gelungene Veranstaltung ausreichend Raum für Diskussionen und geselligen Austausch. Aufbauend auf den…

Newsletter No. 13 | 3rd Quarter 2021

Information on the Project QUARREE100 in Heide, Schleswig-Holstein.

Million-Euro Funding for Project "Wärmewene Nordwest"

Press Release: Reaching Climate-Goals "Wärmewende Nordwest", a joint project which explores renewable heating solutions, starting April 2021, receives million-euro funding from German Ministry for Education and Research.

Newsletter No. 12 | 2nd Quarter 2021

This newsletter gives insight to the research of the Department for Infrastructure and Systems (AB3) which is part of the Advanced Energy Systems Institure (AES) of the University of Bremen.

Der Bremer Industriehafen könnte Dreh-und Angelpunkt einer grünen Wasserstoffwirtschaft werden.

Transformation of the Hydrogen Industry: Development of an Interactive Platform for Stakeholders in the Industry

Presentation of the project HyTracks in the Online-Magazine FONA by the German Ministry of Education an Research. Using the industrial Ports of Bremen as a model, the project hyTracks develops transformation knowledge to create a regional hydrogen-industy.

Dr. Torben Stührmann ist kommissarischer Teamleiter des Fachgebiets Resiliente Energiesysteme und Uni-Experte bei der Einführung des neuen Energieträgers Wasserstoff.

Developing Energy Sources of the Future

How the possible use of hydrogen is being researched at the University of Bremen.

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Developing Energy Sources of the Future (Kopie 1)

How the possible use of hydrogen is being researched at the University of Bremen.

Sustainability is the Goal: Bremen Steal Plant plans to produce carbon-neutral steel by 2050

The article, published on January 27, describes how the Bremen steel plant set out to produce climate-friendly steel by 2050, utilizing hdrogen-based technology. The Department for Resilient Energy Systems aims to support this process with its research.

Newsletter No. 8 | 4th Quarter 2019

Newsletter no. 8 about the Project is available. Follow the link to download and subscribe.

Die Partner von QUARREE100 bei der Abstimmung über das Energiekonzept für das Stadtquartier „Rüsdorfer Kamp“

QUARREE100 adopts energy concept

On Thursday, September 12, the QUAREE100 joint project decided on the energy concept, which forms the basis for the upcoming planning for the constructional implementation in the existing quarter "Rüsdorfer Kamp".

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