Sophia Roppertz

Sophia Roppertz

Sophia Roppertz is a PhD researcher at the University of Bremen and the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS). Her work focuses on exploring new research practices emerging through tools/methods like machine learning. Leading questions are, (1) to what extent the integration of machine learning advance our comprehension within social science and (2) what the effects on knowledge production in social science are. This study is situated within a wide interdisciplinary framework, combining insights from the sociology of knowledge, the sociology of science and computer science.

Besides working on her dissertation she is passionate about teaching statistics classes for undergraduates at the University of Bremen. Before joining the method working group at the University of Bremen, she studied at the University of Mannheim (B.A.) and Bremen (M.A.) Political Science and Business Administration. After that, she was a research associate at the Institute for Technology and Education (ITB) and focused on changing competence developments of workers, learning with digital media and the impacts of Artificial intelligence on the labour market and education systems in Europe. As a market researcher, she incorporated her knowledge on the labour market and strengthened her data analytical skills in the private sector.


Academic Positions


2023 - heute

Research associate, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Germany


2022 - 2023

Market Research, SRT International, Gran Canaria, Spain


2019 - 2021

Research associate, Institute Technology and Education (ITB), Bremen, Germany


Academic Qualifications


2024 - heute

Ph.D. candidate at University of Bremen/ BIGSSS, Germany


2017 - 2019

M.A. in Political Science, University of Bremen, Germany



Visiting student, CEVRO University, Prague, Czech Republic


2014 - 2017

B.A. in Political Science (minor: Business Administration), University of Mannheim, Germany


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