Prof. Maria Kanakidou

is a Professor of Computational Environmental Chemistry and Director of the Environmental Chemical Processes Laboratory (ECPL) at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Crete. As U Bremen Excellence Chair, Maria Kanakidou contributes to climate change and pollution science with ultimate goal the evaluation of the impacts of anthropogenic emissions on climate and ecosystems within the Earth system in a carbon and nitrogen driven economy. Together with the UB host Prof.. Mihalis Vrekoussis (IUP and MARUM) as well as Prof John P. Burrows (IUP) and Prof. Justus Notholt (IUP), who provide satellite and ground-based remote sensing observations, they build and use a unique modelling framework that combines traditional and modern modelling tools with Earth observation data products. They will optimize estimates of the surface fluxes i.e., emission or deposition of greenhouse gases and other climate-relevant pollutants that are needed for the evaluation of their impacts on climate and ecosystems, respectively, using Earth System Models.

Host: Prof Mihalis Vrekoussis, Laboratory for Modeling and Observation of the Earth System (LAMOS)

Research group: