Prof. Thomas L. Schwarz

is Professor of Neurology and Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School and neuroscientist at Boston Children's Hospital. Dr. Schwarz is an established leader in studying the cell biology of the nervous system and an expert in mitochondrial dynamics. A single cell contains hundreds to many thousands of mitochondria, which move along cellular highways and provide the cell with energy. Defects in the interaction and movement of mitochondria have been implicated in various neurodegenerative diseases and it is this mitochondrial dynamics that the Excellence Chair is investigating together with his host Prof. Rita Groß-Hardt and other scientists from the University of Bremen and the University of Münster.

Host: Prof. Dr. Rita Groß-Hardt

Resarch group:

  • Kshitija Narendra Jog
  • Mona Khazaei
Thomas Schwarz and his Bremen based research group in front of a University building in Bremen.
The Excellence Chair research group in Bremen
Excellence Chair Thomas L. Schwarz