About us

Tasks of ZeDiS

  1. The assignment of the Center is to plan, develop and implement projects which coordinate and support the didactics of history, geography and political science in interdisciplinary collaboration in teaching and research. The project work is conducted in cooperation with other teaching centers and research groups in Germany and abroad. 

  2. The tasks of ZeDiS are particularly: 
  • Initiation and support of empirical research projects in the field of teaching and learning research in social science

  • Implementation of scientific colloquia, workshops and symposia 

  • External fundraising for educational research 

  • Supporting the training and promotion of young researchers through joint offers in the field of research methodology in didactics and coordination of research-oriented seminars in the specialized didactics, including active participation in a Graduate Center for Teaching 

  • Construction of an intra-university network for didactical research 

  • Integration into national and international didactical research 

  • Expansion of cooperation with schools, other institutions involved in teacher training and extracurricular educational institutions, e.g. through regular offerings of relevant and practical teaching support

  • Voting on matters concerning the improvement of study and promotion of innovative teaching organization that affect the teaching degree in general and especially the didactic interests of the participating subjects 

  • Helping to coordinate the development of teacher training in relation to the conditions of school practice and educational policy in the State of Bremen 

  • Cooperation with other research institutions regional and supraregional 

  • Advisory opinions and experts`opinion