Teaching and Study

The Center for Didactic Education in the Social Sciences aims to improve the organization of studies, to support innovative teaching and coordinate the substantive cooperation between the participating institutions.

One focus is the meshing of multiple scientific and didactic teaching methods and the immediate practical relevance in the production of didactic teaching. 

In this respect, the research-oriented and interdisciplinary focus of the Centre directly supports the profile through:

  • The close conjunction between university and school
  • The initiation of diagnostic skills in relation to the preconditions of social science learning
  • the development of an investigative attitude to their own profession and the ability to reflect on and evaluate their own and other people's lessons

The implementation of training modules which provide didactic content into a social science context are of particular importance. This encourages students to develop a critical and investigative attitude and perception of his or her own profession. Teaching practice in schools shows that the subjects geography, politics and history are intertwined and their contents integrated into one another. According to this fact, students should gain of interdisciplinary teaching. The core task is to show students starting points for professional learning in social science subjects. Only then will it be possible to find a balance between professional and discipline-oriented structures of the conventional teaching and learning methodology in cross-correlations.

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