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JDP graphical abstract
JDP Roadmap

Sara's review is published

Review on JDPs and their interaction with disease causing proteins

Sara and Janine wrote a review on the structural features of J-domain proteins (JDP) enabling their interaction with neurodegenerative disease-causing proteins. This review is part of a special issue on Cell Stress in the Journal "Experimental Cell Research".


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Funding from the Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e.V.

We are very happy and grateful to receive funding of 50.000 € from the Alzheimer Initiative e.V. to support a joint project with the lab of Mark Hipp, UMCG, NL. 

MSc defense of Atharva Patharkar

Atharva successfully defended his MSc thesis "The role of the molecular chaperone DNJ-13 in counteracting Ab1-42 toxicity in a novel Alzheimer's disease model in C. elegans" on December 16th.

All the best Atharva! 

Christian Gallrein PhD defines
Christian Gallrein

Celebrating Christian's defense in style

Funding for exchange visits with University of Cambridge, UK

Internationalisierungsfond supports our work

We acknowledge funding from the Internationalisierungsfond of the Universität Bremen to support our cooperation with the lab of Gabriele Kaminski Schierle, University of  Cambridge, UK. We hope that the pandemic situation will allow exchange visits next year. 

Talk at Baltic Redox Workshop

Janine has been invited to give a talk at the virtual Baltic Redox Workshop on September 14th. Find more information here.

Visit from Berlin

Sara & Lucia

From 8th to 9th September Sara Ayala and Lucia Pigazzini from the Berlin lab at the  FMP visited the Bremen lab to disucss the progress of their research projects together.

Bachelor Thesis

Antonia Schneider

On August 6th Antonia Schneider successfully held her Bachelor Thesis Defense with the title "In vitro analysis of Interaction between the Chaperone DNAJB1 and Huntingtin-Exon1-Q48". Antonia is heading off now to Groningen for her MSc studies. Best of luck Antonia and hopefully you rejoin our group soon. 

Manuel Dr. Hut
Dr. Manuel Iburg

PhD defense of Manuel Iburg

Congratulations to Dr. Iburg for defending his PhD on February 10th at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (via zoom). Manuel is the 4th PhD student of the Kirstein lab. 

Manuel will join as postdoc the lab of George Lu at Rice University in Houston, TX,  USA. Good luck Manuel and thanks for all your hard work! 

New publication with the Brix lab (Jacobs University, Bremen)

New collaborative study with the lab of Klaudia Brix at Jacobs University and many more labs published in IJMS.  I happily contributed and say congrats to first author Vaishnavi Venugopalan!


Venugopalan V, Al-Hashimi A, Rehders M,  Golchert J, Reinecke V, Homuth G, Völker U, Manirajah M, Touzani A, Weber J, Bogyo MS, Verrey F, Wirth EK, Schweizer U, Heuer H, Kirstein J, Brix K

The thyroid hormone transporter Mct8 restricts cathepsin-mediated thyroglobulin processing in male mice through thyroid auto-regulatory mechanisms that encompass thyrotoxicity-induced autophagy

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, in press

New Funding

Fokusprojekt of the Universität Bremen

Off to a good start in 2021! 

We are excited and grateful to receive funding to study the role of molecular chaperones in neurodegenerative diseases. 

Johann Steinmeier joined our lab as postdoc.

Johann will study what renders the IL2 neurons so vulnerable for Abeta aggregation and he will also study the contribution of specific molecular chaperones on Abeta aggregation and propagation. Welcome Johann!

Janine Kirstein & Christian Gallrein
from left: Janine Kirstein & Christian Gallrein

Congratulations Dr. Christian Gallrein

Christian defended his PhD thesis at the Freie Universität Berlin on September 30th and was graded with summa cum laude

DKFZ Career Day

Janine has been invited to present at the virtual DKFZ Career Day 2020 on October 1st and 2nd

More information can be found here

We found the town musicians!

left to right: Sara Ayala, Lucia Pigazzini, Janine Kirstein in front of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten
left to right: Sara Ayala, Lucia Pigazzini, Janine Kirstein

Zoom Workshop with Groningen

Digital workshop on chaperones

A digital workshop on July 2nd was a kick-off meeting between the labs of Ellen Nollen (ERIBA, Groningen), Harm Kampinga (UMG, Groningen) and Mark Hipp (UMG Groningen and Universität Oldenburg) on molecular chaperones in the context of neurodegenerative diseases. This initiative is funded by Verbund Norddeutscher Universitäten and will continue with hopefully a IRL meeting soon.