OT-SC-WS-09 | Hardware and system architectures for data science

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Norman Sieroka, Dr. Antonie Haas


Part 1 Critical reflections: Visualizations of data and ideas (models etc.) are present everywhere in daily life. Hence, critical reflections about the concept and role of images in research will be beneficial for broader (interdisciplinary, maybe also social) contexts; that is, contexts lying beyond the boundaries of one’s disciplinary silo.

CANCELLED: Part 2 Principles: Science as a genre of storytelling: A picture is worth a thousand words. Scientific data and research results are often understandable for experts only. Visualization transforms numbers in symbols or graphics and has the ability to decode complex interrelations even to non-experts.



Part 1: Images play a crucial role in research. Pictorial and symbolic representations are key to data acquisition, to scientific explanations as well as to concept and theory formation. This course will provide a broad overview over these different contexts and different aspects of “visualization”; it will also engage students in a critical reflection about the advantages, scopes and limits of visualizations.

CANCELLED: Part 2: Principles of data visualization


Part 1: Critical reflections: This introductory course facilitates critical thinking about the role of images in research. By the end of the course students have the ability to explain and reflect upon core themes related to pictorial and symbolic representations in research. That is, they are able to explain the role of “images” in data acquisition, scientific explanation, concept formation and theory formation; and they are able to critically evaluate these roles with regard to their own field of research as well as in a broader interdisciplinary context.

CANCELLED: Part 2: Principles of data visualization: Communicate data as visual objects.


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10:00-12:00 Critical reflections


CANCELLED: 13:00-15:30 Principles


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Norman Sieroka

Prof. Dr. Dr. Norman Sieroka

Professor for Philosophy at University Bremen
Board Member of RETHINK (Rethinking Design with Artificial Intelligence) at ETH Zurich
Co-Director of the Turing Center Zurich

Antonie Haas

Dr. Antonie Haas

Senior GIS Scientist at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)