Masterarbeit: Optimization of electrosynthesis by hyperthermophilic electrotrophs

IGCC Master

The project of this Master Thesis takes place in a French-German collaboration between the MIO (Marseille, France), the consulting company Modis (Villeurbanne, France) and the UVT team (Bremen, Germany). It aims to optimize the conditions of electrosynthesis of valuable compounds on the cathode of a Microbial Electrochemical System (MES). Hyperthermophiles isolated from deep-sea hydrothermal vents are used as catalyst on the cathode to fix CO2 into organic acids using electricity as energy source. Previous work has shown the effect of CO2 concentration on the metabolic pathways. Further study needs to be performed to access more precisely the effect of CO2 concentration, pH, potential of the cathode and temperature on the organic production. The biocatalysts used belongs to the phylogenetic groups of Archaeoglobales, Thermococcales, Aquificales and some methanogens. The biofilm will be analyzed by fluorescence microscopy, qPCR, SEM and electrochemical techniques, and the organic production will be quantified by HPLC and NMR. Thus, we are looking for a highly motivated master student with a background in microbiology or biotechnology, willing to work in an interdisciplinary and innovative field, within an international team.




Beginning from :  

October 2022

Period of time:  

6 months


Prof. Dr.-Ing habil. Sven Kerzenmacher – kerzenmacherprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Dr. Guillaume Pillot – pillotprotect me ?!uvt.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de