Positive Learning Effect of “WiWiNow” Uni App

The WiWiNow app from the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics at the University of Bremen is increasing students’ learning. A not-yet published empirical study has shown this. The app has a proven effect on supporting teaching and learning at the university.

The app was initially implemented in the accounting class “Rechnungswesen und Abschluss” during the winter semester 2020/21. An accompanying study by the involved researchers Florian Johannsen, Martin Knipp, Thomas Loy, Johannes Voshaar, and Jochen Zimmermann shows: The app usage had a significant positive effect on exam results. This means that students who seriously used the app achieved a significantly higher grade in the exam in comparison to those who did not use the app in a consistent manner.

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Johannsen, Florian; Knipp, Martin; Loy, Thomas; Voshaar, Johannes; Zimmermann, Jochen (2021) in print: A Mobile App to Support Students in the „Transition-In“ Phase, in: Twenty-Ninth European Conference of Information Systems (ECIS 2021).