Our Team

Ursel Gerdes

Studied to be a teacher, three-year extra-occupational training in social-therapeutic counseling, three-year extra-occupational training in supervision and organizational consulting (DGSv). Many years of experience in vocational education and training.

Professional Experiences:

  • Specialist in a social association with a focus on the development and qualification of gender-specific concepts in psychosocial work as well as specialist supervision in social institutions and projects.
  • She has been working for the ADE since 1993 and (until 2013 together with Sabine Klein-Schonnefeld) is responsible for the conceptual development and management of the centre.

Main Areas of Work in the ADE:

  • Management training in conflict and complaint management, diversity competence in consulting and in quality assurance measures, organizational consultancy on training measures for dealing with conflicts, discrimination and violence, implementation of the AGG.

Kim Annakathrin Ronacher

Cultural Studies (M.A. Transcultural Studies, B.A. Cultural Studies and Gender Studies). Systemic coach and consultant for organizational development. Extra-occupational training on diversity management and antiracism.

Professional Experiences:

  • Many years of experience as a freelance trainer and speaker with a focus on diversity, anti-discrimination and antiracism for in universities, public administration, and companies.
  • Consultant for diversity-oriented and antiracist organizational development
  • Youth educator at the DGB Youth Bremen (2011 - 2014)
  • Since 2019 consultant and trainer in the ADE

Main Areas of Work in the ADE:

  • Consulting and counseling on all ADE topics
  • Conflict analysis and conflict management measures, coaching and organizational consulting for executives and team leads
  • Information and training on dealing with conflicts and bullying as well as on discrimination, diversity and racism

Sewita Mebrahtu

Lawyer (LL.M. European and International Law, LL.B. Social Law). In-service training as a counsellor with a focus on anti-discrimination.

Professional Experiences:

  • Many years of work in consultancy, training and public relations work on anti-discrimination for various target groups in companies, businesses, public administration and interest groups
  • Consultant for anti-discrimination, complaint and start-up structures within the framework of organisational development
  • Coordination of the Bremen Network against Discrimination
  • Since 2020 consultant and trainer in the ADE

Main Areas of Work in the ADE:

  • Consulting and counseling on all ADE topics
  • Information and training events on how to deal with conflicts and bullying and discrimination
  • Qualification of conflict and complaint management and the implementation of the AGG in universities, authorities and companies
  • Networking on the topic of "Anti-discrimination in Bremen"

Almut Dietrich

Studied special needs education (Diploma), M.A. Human Sciences (multidimensional organizational consulting - coaching, supervision, organizational consulting), Systemic Therapist (DGSF), Supervisor and organizational consultant (DGSv).

Professional Experiences:

  • Many years of experience in counseling, training and public relations on sexualised and domestic violence (women’s emergency hotline in Saarland)
  • Many years of conceptual leadership of a public department dealing with discrimination and violence based on sexual and gender identity (state coordination of anti-violence work for lesbians and gays in NRW)
  • Consultant and trainer in the ADE since 2014.

Main Areas of Work in the ADE:

  • Advice on all ADE topics
  • Implementation of conflict analysis and conflict management measures, coaching and organizational consulting for leadership personnel and those responsible for action
  • Information and training events dealing with conflicts and bullying, discrimination and diversity, among others as counselor
  • Information, training and networking on “Complaints management in case of discrimination at universities” and on “queer higher education policy”.

Carmen Alicia Laínez Jaén

Psychologist (M.A. Psychology, B.A. Communication and Marketing). Advanced training as an anti-discrimination consultant (advd).

Professional experience:

  • Many years of work as a consultant and trainer on discrimination and violence.
  • Consultant for anti-discrimination, complaint and contact structures in the context of organizational development
  • Psychosocial counseling for young people in training
  • Development of empowerment workshopsfor BIPOCs
  • Organizing and conducting workshops in gender, conflict resolution and self-esteem
  • Since2023 in the ADE

Main areas of work in ADE:

  • Consultation on all topics and in all areas of responsibility of ADE.


Marina Nikitina

Specialist for communication and ADE secretary since 2010. She is responsible for all budget and administrative matters, procurements and payment transactions.

Yakup Özel (pronouns: he/him)

Student teacher for German language and literature and politics at the University of Bremen.
Since February 2021 working as a student assistant at ADE. His responsibilities include a student project that aims, among other things, to strengthen the networking of students in the field of discrimination/anti-discrimination. He supports the preparation and follow-up of workshops and events concerning conflict resolution and anti-discrimination. In addition, the research of content and writing/editing of texts for ADE‘s PR is his task as well besides updating and revisioning the ADE homepage.

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