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Alumni der Universität Bremen e.V.

  • Alumni der Universität Bremen e.V. the University of Bremen's interdepartmental alumni network.

Welcome to Alumni der Universität Bremen e.V.!

Knowing where you come from

Alumni der Universität Bremen e.V. is the University of Bremen’s official and interdisciplinary alumniassociation. We cultivate ties to the University of Bremen und promote networking among our members. We are also engaged in major university and student projects.

Our reason for being

The University of Bremen is one of the best German universities and is embedded in multifaceted national andinternational networks. Our alumni and their work have a lot to do with that. Strengthening the alumni network,making it useful for every single member and for the university — that’s what the University of Bremen’s alumni association is here for.

Alumni feel a close connection to the university, its history and its values. A reform university that dared to make a new start with flat hierarchies and with academics who are aware of their social responsibility. Auniversity that has changed and refined its profile over five decades, with excellent research — for example as a “climate university” — at the highest level internationally.

Impressions of our events

Gruppe Menschen schaut sich Archivalien an
Alumni in der Ständigen Vertretung
Get-Together in der Ständigen Vertretung
Alumni im Plenarsaal
Alumni zu Besuch in der Bremischen Bürgerschaft
Alumni im DFKI
Ein Alumnus übt sich mit Virtual Reality
Alumni im Sonderforschungsbereich Raumkognition

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