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Alumni Network

  • the University of Bremen's interdepartmental alumni network.

Welcome to Alumni der Universität Bremen e.V., the University of Bremen alumni network!

Alumni der Universität Bremen e.V. is the University of Bremen's interdepartmental alumni network. We maintain your connection to the university and support graduate networking.

As a member, you can stay in touch with your fellow students and make new contacts - in Bremen and throughout the entire world. We will regularly invite you to events, from short outings within Bremen to trips abroad. Join the community and stay in touch!

Impressions of our events

Gruppe Menschen schaut sich Archivalien an
Alumni in der Ständigen Vertretung
Get-Together in der Ständigen Vertretung
Alumni im Plenarsaal
Alumni zu Besuch in der Bremischen Bürgerschaft
Alumni im DFKI
Ein Alumnus übt sich mit Virtual Reality
Alumni im Sonderforschungsbereich Raumkognition

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