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Seminarleiter Michael Blochberger

The Chance of Self-Discovery

For our second career seminar ‘Individual Personality Coaching’, held by Dipl.-Ing. Michael Blochberger, we gathered at the Teerhof Guest House of the University of Bremen on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Mr. Blochberger is considered a proven expert in the field of personality coaching and team building. Among his clients are, for example, Deutsche Telekom and REWE Markt GmbH.
Fourteen alumni from many different fields participated in the workshop, which started out slowly with coffee and cookies as well as a round of introductions. The seminar began with all participants agreeing to profess confidentiality, openness and respectful interactions with and among each other, allowing for the discussion of private and personal issues. Initially, the participants received an insight into the human brain and its function. It was explained that we are heavily influenced by certain experiences, which later may inhibit our everyday life. Mr. Blochberger’s aim was “to give people the chance to identify what is right for them and not what were trained to think is right.” Alongside many conversations, we participants engaged in hands-on activities as well: from visualizations in form of games to team activities, in which we could test the limits of our trust towards others. By means of a personality test, our less distinct characteristics were pointed out, and together we came up with tips and ways of strengthening these areas explicitly. The different results evoked sheer amazement. “I would have never thought that this is not a distinct feature for me! I had assessed myself completely differently,” said one participant. At the end of the seminar, everyone had obtained an insight into their own mind and had received valuable advice on either finding their respective future paths or taking the courage to take the next steps towards them.

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