Training area: Craft

The craft jobs at a glance

With the variety of skilled trades, there are jobs for many interests and abilities. The offer ranges from apprenticeships opportunities as plant mechanic, bookbinder, electronics technician for industrial engineering, industrial mechanic to carpenter training programs.

Plant mechanic

Plant mechanics for sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology plan and install complex plants and systems in the supply technology of buildings. They are also responsible for maintenance and repair. In addition, they advise and instruct customers, process orders and hand over equipment and systems.


  • Transfer dimensions from technical documents to components
  • Select suitable pipes, fittings, valves, sheet metal and profiles
  • Produce pipe fittings such as bends, branches, e.g. by cold and hot bending, expanding, necking, thread cutting
  • Prepare pipe laying, e.g. by making wall and ceiling openings
  • Installing radiators, panel or underfloor heating systems
  • Advising and supporting customers, e.g. informing them about products and services offered by the company
  • Cleaning plant components and pipelines
  • Adjusting systems
  • Create maintenance protocols


  • Ability to work in a team
  • Pleasure in dealing with customers
  • Physical resilience
  • Good school grades in mathematics and physics
  • Reliability, commitment and ambition

The training for this profession lasts 3.5 years.

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Ralf Holsten
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Training workshop operating electronics
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Electronics technician for operating technology

Electronics technicians for industrial engineering assemble systems and equipment for power engineering, measurement and control technology. They manufacture modules and devices, assemble them and put them into operation. Other tasks include the installation, modification and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment.


  • Measuring and analyzing electronic functions and systems
  • Assembling and connecting electrical equipment
  • Configuration and programming of control systems
  • Maintenance of plants and systems
  • Assessing the safety of electrical systems and equipment
  • Installation and configuration of IT systems
  • Operational and technical communication
  • Technical service and operation as well as consulting of customers


  • Interest in technology and in dealing with technical equipment and systems as well as manual dexterity
  • Logical thinking skills
  • Careful and systematic way of working
  • Good academic performance in science subjects, mathematics and English
  • Interest in data processing
  • Ability to work in a team

The training for this profession lasts 3.5 years.


Carpenters create products from wood, wood-based materials, precious metals and glass.


  • Working with materials using a variety of different techniques, e.g., performing veneer work, treating wood surfaces by sanding, planing, and varnishing
  • Creating handcrafted wood joints and attaching hardware
  • Setting up and operating program-controlled machines and pneumatic, hydraulic and electric equipment
  • Fabricate and assemble furniture, frames, racks, moldings, windows, doors, stairs, ceilings, walls and floors
  • Manufacture, assembly and fitting of subassemblies
  • designing and making models for exhibitions
  • Restoration work
  • Customer consulting
  • purchase and storage of materials
  • Preparation of drawings and sketches in accordance with applicable standards


  • Aptitude for precision craftsmanship
  • Preference for working with natural materials
  • Technical understanding
  • Good academic performance in science subjects, especially mathematics
  • Spatial imagination

The training for this occupation lasts 3 years.



Contact person at training department

Christiane Sarnow
Tel. 0421 218-60637
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