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QUARREE100: Participation workshops in Heide

In the QUARREE100 project, members of artec and the Department for Resilient Energy Systems successfully tested a new interactive decision support tool at workshops with experts and citizens of the city of Heide

The QUARREE100 project is developing a sustainable, integrated and resilient energy system for Rüsdorfer Kamp, an urban neighbourhood in Heide, Schleswig Holstein. The active participation and support of the people who live and work in Rüsdorfer Kamp is an indispensable prerequisite for the success of the project and a central task of the project. One of the seven working areas in the project (Participation, Acceptance and Transfer, AB2) is therefore dedicated exclusively to the question of how residents and businesses must be involved and how they can be motivated to actively participate.

In this context, workshops with experts and citizens were successfully held in November. To this end, members of the working group at the University of Bremen have developed an interactive decision support tool that helps participants to understand techno-socio-economic models of the neighbourhood in a playful way, and also addresses the research question of which key content in participation processes in the energy transition is of interest to stakeholders.

The Department for Resilient Energy Systems, in cooperation with the Institute Raum&Energie, is responsible for the conception, implementation, scientific investigation and monitoring of the citizen participation.

Workshop-Teilnehmer:innen stehen um einen Tisch, auf den die Grundrisse einer Stadt projiziert sind
Zu den Partizipationsworkshops im November 2022 in Heide kamen Expert:innen aus dem Projekt, sowie Bewohner:innen des Quartiers