Ein Mann schaut auf die Wörter "Robot" und "Human" herab, die mit Kreide auf den Boden geschrieben wurden

Modern societies are referred to as “decision societies”. On the one hand the number of opportunities to choose between options is growing. On the other hand, the cases and instances in which individuals or collective agents are forced to make decisions are increasing as well. Overall, the complexity and scope of decision-making processes seems to rise in many areas of modern societies. Not only modern societies, but also decision-centered research is confronted with new questions due to global crises (climate change, corona pandemic) and technical innovations (human-machine-interaction, digitization). In order to meet these challenges, novel research questions have to be formulated, and new research methods have to be designed.

The Center for Decision Research, founded in 2018, creates spaces for interdisciplinary exchange in decision-centered research. Our thematic working groups include researchers from disciplines with a long tradition of decision research – like psychology and economics – as well as scientists from fields like Humanities, Natural Sciences and Engineering.

Based on differentiated and internationally visible research and two well-established Master Programs at the University of Bremen, the Center for Decision Research provides a forum for interdisciplinary exchange and debates on decision-centered research between scientists, students and interested members of the public.