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Diginomics Brownbag

During the lecture period, the Diginomics Research Group meets weekly for the "Diginomics Brownbag Seminar". During the Diginomics Brownbag Seminar, renowned researchers from top international universities and members of the Diginomics Group present their research on the digitalization of labor, capital and product markets.

In the winter semester 2021/22  the "Diginomics Brownbag" event series will be held alternating fomats. If you would like to access the digital seminars, please contact us by e-mail. You can find our program for the winter semster 2021/22 as a PDF here.

Diginomics Brownbag Seminar in winter semester 2021/2022

20. October 12:00 pmvia ZoomPlatform Competition in the Tablet PC Market: The Effect of Application QualityDr. Franco Mariuzzo
University of East Anglia
27. October 12:00 pmRaum WiWi2 F4090Accounting – From Micro to MacroMatthies Hesse
Diginomics Research Group
03. November 12:00 pmvia ZoomDehumanization in the IoT: Experiential Consequences of Syntactically Constricted Human-Machine InteractionProf. Dr. Christian Hildebrand
University of St.Gallen
10. November 12:00 pmRaum WiWi2 F4090Adaptable AutomationMichèle Rieth
Diginomics Research Group
17. November 12:00 pmvia ZoomConsiderations on Reputation PortabilityProf. Dr. Timm Teubner
FU Berlin
24. November 12:00 pmvia ZoomHow Do Workers Adjust When Firms Adopt New Technologies?Dr. Terry Gregory
Institute of Labor Economics (IZA)
01. December 12:00 pmvia ZoomData Donations for Digital Contact-Tracing: Short- and Long-term Effects of Monetary IncentivesDr. Daniel Schnurr
University of Passau
08. December 12:00 pmvia ZoomThe Red Web: The Struggle Between Russia's Digital Dictators and the New Online RevolutionariesAndrei Soldatov
15. December 12:00 pmvia ZoomAre We Moving Towards a Borderless Labour Market? National Institutions vs. Digital Platforms for Remote WorkProf. Dr. Vili Lehdonvirta
University of Oxford
22. December 12:00 pmRaum WiWi2 F4090Machine Learning for Categorization of Operational Risk Events Using Textual DescriptionDaniel Metko
Diginomics Research Group
05. January 12:00 pmRaum WiWi2 F4090E-Working, Loneliness, and the Role of PersonalityProf. Dr. Julia Kensbock
University of Bremen
12. January 12:00 pmRaum WiWi2 F4090Alone at Home: The Impact of Social Distancing on Norm-consistent BehaviorProf. Dr. Sabrina Jeworrek
Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH)
19. January 12:00 pmRaum WiWi2 F4090Do Retail Investors Value Environmental Impact? A Lab-in-The-Field Experiment with CrowdfundersProf. Dr. Lars Hornuf
Diginomics Research Group
26. January 12:00 pmvia ZoomThe Future of Remote Work – What We Can Learn from Job PostingsJean-Victor Alipour
ifo Institute, Center for Industrial Organization and New Technologies
02. February 12:00 pmRaum WiWi2 F4090Reputation Portability and Platform CompetitionEliza Stenzhorn
University of Bremen

Diginomics Brownbag Seminar in summer semester 2021

14. April 4 p.m.via ZoomIT Knowledge Spillovers, Absorptive Capacity, and Productivity: Evidence from Enterprise SoftwareProf. Dong Jun Wu, Ph.D.
Georgia Institute of Technology, Scheller College of Business
21. April 12 p.m.via ZoomInvestors‘ Financial Attitudes and Robo-Advice: A Research DesignMaximilian Horn
University of Bremen
28. April 12 p.m.via Zoom Self-Control, Robo-Advice, and Borrowing Decisions: Evidence from Field Experiments Dr. Tobin Hanspal
WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
05. May 12 p.m.via ZoomDeveloping Theoretical Perspectives Towards Dynamic Performance Management System Using Library Research and Machine Learning TechniquesDebarshee Bhardwaj
University of Bremen
12. May 12 p.m.via ZoomFrom Lock-in to Transformation: A Morphogenetic Theory of Emerging Technology and OrganizingProf Dr. Jan Recker
University of Hamburg
19. May 12 p.m.via ZoomDeep Learning in Predicting Takeover TargetsDaniel Metko und Gül Yüksel
University of Bremen, Diginomics Research Group
26. May 12 p.m.via ZoomShowing Life Opportunities: Increasing Opportunity-Driven Entrepreneurship and STEM Careers Through Online Courses In SchoolsDr. Igor Asanov
University of Kassel
02. June 12 p.m.via ZoomThe “Life Cycle” of Pioneer Communities: The Emergence and the Decline of the Quantified Self and Maker MovementsProf. Dr. Andreas Hepp
University of Bremen
09. June 12 p.m.via ZoomAcceptance of Data Sharing in Smartphone Apps from Key Industries of the Digital TransformationJanis Cloos
Clausthal University of Technology
16. June 12 p.m.via ZoomDigiLoOp - Digital Decision Support for Logistics & Operations ManagementFabian Siekmann
University of Bremen
23. June 9 a.m.via ZoomThe Digital Agenda: A SMART Work Design PerspectiveProf. Sharon Parker, Ph.D.
Curtin University, Future of Work Institute
30. June 12 p.m.via ZoomAn Unstructured Big Data Approach for Country Logistics Performance Assessment in Global Supply ChainsProf. Dr. Aseem Kinra
Diginomics Research Group
07. July 2 p.m.via ZoomSituation Awareness and Decision Making in the Real World: Information Attack, Social Media and Cognitive ResistanceDr. Mica Endsley
SA Technologies
14. July 12 p.m.via ZoomThe Social Dilemma of Big Data: Donating Personal Data to Promote Social WelfareProf. Dr. Lars Hornuf
Diginomics Research Group

Diginomics Brownbag Seminar in winter semester 2020/2021

28. October 12:00 pmMachine Learning in Stock Return PredictionDaniel Metko
Diginomics Research Group
04. November 11:30 amDesigning Process Guidance Systems Supporting Individual’s Process Knowledge and Process ExecutionProf. Dr. Stefan Morana
Universität des Saarlandes
11. November 12:00 pmCybersecurity and Data Privacy from an Interdisciplinary Perspective: Requirements, Demands and Measures
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Evren Eren (Hochschule Bremen); Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker (Uni Bremen), Sven Müller (DB Systel GmbH); Dr. Michael Stadermann (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt)
18. November 12:00 pmStarting New by Fitting In: FinTech Startup Endorsements by Analysts
Dr. Milan Klus
Diginomics Research Group
25. November 12:00 pmPublics as Authoritarian Input Institutions: How Digital Criticism Contributes to the Stabilization of Non-Democratic RuleDr. Florian Töpfl
University of Passau
02. December 12:00 pmModern Forms of Digital AdvertisingProf. Dr. Maik Eisenbeiß
Diginomics Research Group
09. December 12:00 pmQuantified Self and Self-Tracking Technologies: An Application in Health Care Prof. Dr. Jan Klein
Tilburg University
16. December 12:00 pm
Digitalization of Management Information Flow in the Supply Chain of Retail Companies in Cameroon
Diginomics Research Group
06. January 12:00 pmSupply Chain Management Aspects and Data Analytics Practices for Emergency Situations: a study of the UK Retail Sector
Prof. Dr. Thanos Papadopoulos
University of Kent
13. January 12:00 pmCommittee Decision-Making under the Threat of LeaksProf. Dr. Sebastian Fehrler
University of Bremen; Socium
20. January 16:00 pmDeep Learning in Asset Pricing
Prof. Dr. Markus Pelger
Stanford University
27. January 12:00 pmLet’s Talk Digital Infrastructure: The Digital Reordering of Rights, Networks, and Community
Prof. Dr. Carsten Sørensen
London School of Economics and Political Science
03. February 12:00 pmInitial Coin Offerings: A Systematic Literature Review Based on Topic Modeling
Theresa Kück
Diginomics Research Group
10. February 12:00 pmCrypto Hedge Funds
Dr. Paul Momtaz
UCLA Anderson School of Management
17. February 12:00 pmLock-In Effects in Online Labor Markets
Fabrizio Ciotti and Eliza Stenzhorn
Université catholique de Louvain /University of Bremen

Diginomics Brownbag Seminar in summer semester 2020

22. April 12:00 p.m.Patent Management in Times of Blockchain TechnologyNils Denter
Diginomics Research Group
6. May 12:00 p.m.Digital Incubators - A Chance to Overcome Entrepreneurs' Resource GapsTatevik Narimanyan
Diginomics Research Group
13. May 12:00 p.m.Conversational AI as an companion-tool to create new Ideas and Innovations based on the Sustainable Development Goals
Frederike Bursee
Diginomics Research Group
20. May 12:00 p.m.Cryptocurrencies in Finance
Steffen Günther
Diginomics Research Group
27. May 12:00 p.m.Energy Revolution, Digitalization and Labor Markets: The Impact on Growth and DistributionPhilipp Hohn
Diginomics Research Group
3. June 12:00 p.m.Generativity and Growth in Digital PlatformsProf. Dr. Daniel Fürstenau
Freie Universität Berlin
10. June 12:00 p.m.Introduction to Brand Loyalty in Voice ShoppingNastaran Taherparvar
Diginomics Research Group
17. June 12:00 p.m.
Raising Task State Awareness in Teams by means of Augmented Reality
Prof. Dr. Annette Kluge
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
24. June 12:00 p.m.A Preference for Revision Absent Objective Improvement
Ximena Garcia-Rada
Harvard University
1. July 12:00 p.m.Digital X and Digital PracticeAbayomi Baiyere, PhD
Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School
16. July 12:00 p.m.Automation, Employment, and Wages: Is This Time Different?
Prof. Dr. Melanie Arntz
ZEW Mannheim und Universität Heidelberg

Diginomics Brownbag Seminar in winter semester 2019/2020

16. October 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Robots and FirmsProf. Dr. Michael Koch
Aarhus University
23. October 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Can Television Reduce Xenophobia? The Case of East GermanyProf. Dr. Lars Hornuf
Diginomics Research Group
30. October 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090"Aber das Programm hat gesagt..." - Management-Entscheidungen, Künstliche Intelligenz und Big Data AnalyticsDr. Veronica Hoch
Ruhr-University of Bochum
06. November 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Lock-in Effects in Online Labor MarketsEliza Stenzhorn
DFG Group Crowdsourcing as a New Form of Organizing Labor Relations
13. November 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Investor vs. Investment Return: The Curious Case of Systematic Investment StrategiesDr. Moritz Heiden
20. November 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090The Social Dilemma of Big DataKirsten Hillebrand
University of Bremen
27. November 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Algorithm Aversion in Financial InvestingProf. Dr. Christoph Merkle
Kühne Logistics University
12. December 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090AI as Information Infrastructure and the Future of FirmsProf. Youngjin Yoo
Case Western Reserve University
18. December 12 p.m.
Room WiWi2 F4090Digitalisierung in Business InkubatorenTate Narimanyan
Diginomics Research Group
08. January 12:00 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Location Based TargetingProf. Dr. Martin Spann
LMU Munich
15. January 12:00 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090The Development of Personality Traits in Work Context: What Role Does Gainful Employment, in Particular Digitization, Management Behavior and Social Employment Relations, Play in The Development of Personality Traits?Martina Schaper
University of Bremen
23. January 12:00 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Automation, Employment, and Wages: Is This Time Different?Prof. Dr. Melanie Arntz
ZEW Mannheim and University of Heidelberg
29. January 12:00 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090The Race for Technological Leadership in Artificial IntelligenceMatheus Eduardo Leusin
Diginomics Research Group

Diginomics Brownbag Seminar in summer semester 2019

03. April 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Risk Simulations in Online Financial AdviceProf. Dr. Stefan Zeisberger
University of Zurich
Radbound University
10. April 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Which Preferences Have Crowdworkers?
A Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis
Lisa Nagel
DFG Group Crowdsourcing as a New Form of Organizing Labor Relations
17. April 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Democratizing Algorithmic Fairness, or Why Automated Decison-Making is PoliticalDr. Pak-Hang Wong
University of Hamburg
24. April 12 p.m.RoomWiWi2 F4090Smart Grids meet Average Consumers
An Experimental Study on the Behavioral Consequences of Flexible Energy Provision
Dr. Thomas Lauer
University of Cologne
08. May 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Identifying Fraud in Initial Coin OfferingsTheresa Kück
Diginomics Research Group
15. May 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Data Science and StatisticsPD Dr. Theo Berger
University of Bremen
22. May 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090The Race for Technological Leadership in Atificial IntelligenceMatheus Eduardo Leusin
Diginomics Research Group
Robotversity Management: The Potential of Human-Robotics-Teams in Tomorrow's Wolrd of WorkDenis Pijetlovic
Diginomics Research Group
29. May 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Demystifying "Blockchain": Clearing up Common Misconceptions and MythsMichel Rauchs
Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
University of Cambridge
05. June 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Digitale Geldanlage: Money and ModelsProf. Dr. Stefan Mittnik
LMU Munich
12. June 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Does Monetary Policy Matter for the German 'Hausmarkt'? Evidence based on ImmobilienScout24Prof. Dr. Torben Klarl
Diginomics Research Group
19. June 6 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Learning from Social StreamsProf. Dr. Eirini Ntoutsi
Leibnitz University Hannover and L3S Research Center
26. June 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Artificial Intelligence and Firm Growth - Catch-up processes of SMEs through integrating AI into the knowledge baseAlexander Kopka
Diginomics Research Group
How to Get Them to TalkHendrik Hinrichs
Diginomics Research Group
03. July 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090Design and Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems
Challenges and Recent Developments
Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler
University of Bremen and German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence
10. July 12 p.m.Room WiWi2 F4090New Competence Requirements in Organizations due to DigitizationMichèle Rieth
Diginomics Research Group