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New Publication on Artificial Intelligence – China and the USA at the Forefront

Matheus Leusin, Jutta Günther and Björn Jindra together with Martin Möhrle published a new article on “Patenting patterns in Artificial Intelligence: Identifying national and international breeding grounds” in the journal “World Patent Information”.

The paper identifies countries at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and proposes two novel patent-based indicators to differentiate structural differences in the patterns of intellectual property protection observed for Artificial Intelligence across countries. China and the USA can be characterized as dominant national breeding grounds. Australia and selected European countries, but primarily the USA, are major international breeding grounds. We conclude that China promotes AI development with a major focus on IP protection in its domestic market, whereas the USA sustains its AI progress in the international context as well. This might indicate a considerable bifurcation in the structural patterns of IP protection in global AI development.

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