Why You Will Enjoy a Semester Abroad

You will improve your language skills in a way that goes beyond university teaching and experience. In addition, you gain valuable experience of the country-specific teaching and learning culture, which in turn, supports you in the preparation for writing your BA thesis (participation in research projects, research, collection of material, etc.). The constant challenge of making new contacts in an international environment not only enhances your intercultural skills, but also promotes independent and autonomous thinking and acting as well as the willingness to take responsibility for one's own actions. Whether you are a prospective teacher already gaining professional experience as an assistant teacher, accumulating important knowledge in an internship or improving your academic skills while studying abroad: the experience you gain will be of great value to you in your further studies, but also after graduation.

Which Study Plan Applies to You?

Please see the respective study plans (3rd year). In addition, the relevant excerpts from the various examination regulations are given below. You can find further information by following the corresponding links.

Additional Preparations for Going Abroad:

The International Office offers a Jour Fixe on Studying and Working Abroad as well as preparation meetings for Outgoings. More information can be found here.