Migration and International Mobility as Challenge to School. Is Intercultural Education the Answer?

In the framework of the first annual digital symposium "Internationalisation and Multiculturalism in Maltese Education and Society", organised by the Institute for Education in Malta, Yasemin Karakaşoğlu gave the keynote lecture "Migration and International Mobility as Challenge to School. Is Intercultural Education the Answer?"

International research findings and ideas for teacher training in the migration societies

Clea Schmidt (University of Manitoba), 04.03.2020: International Perspectives on Teacher Education: Intercultural and Postcolonial Insights from Manitoba, Canada. 

Jeff Bale (University of Toronto), 21.06.2019: More Than "Just Good Teaching": Preparing All Teachers for Linguistically Diverse Classrooms in Ontario, Canada.

Jabari Mahiri (UC Berkeley), 10 December, 2018: Deconstructing Race/Reconstructing Difference - Beyond the U.S. Paradigm.

Marguerite Lukes (Internationals Network for Public Schools, New York City/USA), 17 October, 2018: Second language teaching for newly arrived students in the USA - models & outcomes

Rudolf Leiprecht, Andrea Hertlein, and Marina Baumbach (Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg), 31.05.2018: But you will have to fight... 

Barbara J. Funck (Universität Bremen), 22 November, 2017: Researching the longterm effects of practical elements in teacher training?!

Liisa Uusimaki (University of Gothenburg), 30 June, 2017: International student mobility - insights into Swedish experiences

Çetin Çelik (Post-Doc at Koç University/Istanbul and Fellow at the Mercator-IPC-Fellowship Programme), 16 June, 2017: Institutional Habitus and Educational Achievement: A Comparative Case Study in Germany and Turkey

Thomas Geier (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg), 2 May, 2017: On the educational understanding and practices of the Gülen movement in Germany. Findings from an ongoing research project

Andrea Riedemann (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago des Chile), 16 June, 2016: Intercultural Eductation in Chile: Current situation and (necessary) perspectives

Çetin Çelik (Post-Doc at Koç University/Istanbul and Fellow at Mercator-IPC-Fellowship Programme), 18 November, 2015: Turkish school dropouts in Germany; why and how they are dropping out

Yeşim Özbarlaş (Department of German Studies an der Emory University/ USA)  12 June, 2015: Perspectives on Multicultural Education: Case Studies of a German and an American Female Minority Teacher 

Clea Schmidt (Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba/Kanada) 26 November, 2014: Multiculturalism in Canada and its Links to Teacher Education and Minority Teachers

International Conference: Failing Identities, Schools and Migrations

International Conference "Failing Identities, Schools and Migrations - Teaching in (Trans)National Constellations" takes place 26-28 October, 2018 at the University of Bremen. Click here for further Informationen.

Transformation of Academia in Turkey and its Impacts on German Higher Education

Half-Day Conference

Conference Organizer: Betül Yarar

Conference Assistant: Julian Götsch

Contact: yararprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de or jgoetschprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de 

Date: 6th December 2017

Time: 1 pm - 7 pm

Place: Haus der Wissenschaft

Financial support: Bremen University Faculty of Education, Intercultural Education Unit and The Philipp Schwartz Initiative of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Special thanks go to Yasemin Karakaşoğlu, Britta von Schaper, Nabila Badirou, and the staff of International Office - particularly Andreas Volk - for their sincere support during the organization process.

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