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Katja Baginski

Katja Baginski

Research Assistant

Office hours:nach Vereinbarung
Phone: 0421 218-69121 
Email:baginskiprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Room:GW2 / B 1.490, Universitäts-Boulevard 13, 28359 Bremen


University of Bremen
FB 12 Unit for Intercultural Education
Postfach 33 04 40
D-28334 Bremen

Katja Baginski


Katja Baginski is coordinator of the project “Promotion of children and youth with migration background” since 2006. In this project, she organises, monitors and advises the coaching and tuition of school students with migration background by university students of the educational sciences.

Baginski has graduated as teacher of German and Textile Work in 1987, with a specialisation in German as a foreign language. She worked as teacher in Argentina (1987/88), Germany (1991-1999) and Chile (1999-2003). She collaborated in the development of textbooks and teaching materials for German as a second language and currently designs a textbook which can be used to promote reading competencies of non-fictional texts.


Baginski, K., Bovermann M., Räuchle, D., Rogge D. (1996). Dasda. Lehrwerk Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache für Jugendliche. Stuttgart: Klett.

Baginski, K., Weisfeld M. (2005). "Tätige Hilfe", Feature über Entwicklungsprojekte in Zusammenhang mitGguaraní-Indianern in Argentinien, Hannover: NDR

Baginski K., Weisfled M. (2005). "Doppelte Verfolgung". Feature über deutschstämmige jüdische Migranten in Argentinien. Hannover: NDR

Baginski K., Weisfeld M. (2006) Feature "Für den Frieden in der Stadt" (NDR) bzw."Koexistenz am Grenzzaun" - Christen, Muslimen und Juden in der spanischen Enklave Melilla (ORF). Hannover: NDR, Wien: ORF.

Markic, Silvija; Baginski, Katja (2014): Aufgaben leicht verständlich ? Lese- und Verständnishilfen. In: Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht - Chemie, 25(142) , 14-17.