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Students are able to analyze and evaluate financial statements of for-profit firms from an equity investor’s or creditor’s perspective. Moreover, students are able to perform company valuations and identify and solve related challenges and problems and are familiar with new analysis methods in the context of digitalization.

Students are familiar with economic and legal concepts of corporate governance and enforcement of accounting standards. Starting with basics on company law, students broaden their knowledge and methodological capabilities on the tasks, competences, and the interplay between the managing and monitoring institution within a firm. In particular, students are able to identify and discuss related incentive and  control schemes as well as possible effects of digitalization.

The students are familiar with current developments in the area of financial reporting and corporate governance. They are able to identify areas of discretion in accounting standards and other legal norms and develop appropriate solutions for these issues. Moreover, students have basic knowledge of contemporary research methods and are able to apply this knowledge in discussions.

The course enables students to identify and deal with problems of applied international accounting. Students are able to deliver theory-based solutions and consider practical aspects, such as cost benefit -trade offs, enforcement risk and capital market expectations. Moreover, students are able to apply their knowledge when working in groups and understand incentives schemes of the involved stakeholders.


Participants of the course learn that Accounting and Regulation are political and social phenomena. They will be able to critically analyze and reflect on standardization processes and the resulting regulation and norms. Participants are familiar with common approaches to measure capital market reaction to new accounting standards. Moreover, participants will understand and effectively process scientific papers.




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Bachelor's theses

  • At any time you can apply for writing your thesis at the professorship for finance and accounting.
  • Eligible languages are German and English.
  • Find forms for the BA./ MA.thesis phase at the Central Examination Office for Social Sciences and Humanities (ZPA).

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