Research Projects

Corporate Governance Quality, Firm Performance and Firms' Financial Decisions -The Case of Vietnam

Using Vietnamese data, one of our research projects aims at analysing the association between the quality of corporate governance mechanisms and the performance as well as financial decisions of firms in developing and emerging economies. Based on institutional differences to industrialized countries, we examine the role of the legal system, the extent of corruption and the state influence.


The Deregulation of Quarterly Reporting in Europe

Another area of research of the professorship for finance and accounting concentrates on the reporting frequency in Europe. By introducing and re-abolishing quarterly reporting within just a few years, the European Union offers a promising setting to study the economic consequences of changes in the frequency of financial reporting. Primarily, capital market reactions, real effects and the change of accounting quality are being examined.


Goodwill Impairment and Corporate Social Responsibility

A further research project combines two major research streams – goodwill impairment and corporate social responsibility. We examine the association between goodwill impairment and CSR-activity as well as the interrelation with firm performance and the role of earnings management. The project aims to imply CSR to increase the forecast ability of goodwill impairment to predict bad M&A deals prematurely.