Dr. Manuel Alonso Orts

Manuel Alonso-Orts

Manuel Alonso Orts is a junior postdoc working at the Solid State Materials group of the University of Bremen since February 2021, financed by the ZF04 grants from the CRDF of the University of Bremen.

After finishing his degree and Master studies, the latter which earned the second prize at the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS) 2018 Master Thesis Award, Manuel Alonso completed his predoctoral work at the Materials Physics department of the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) in October 2020, when he successfully defended his PhD Thesis in Physics titled “Architectures based on Ga2O3 micro- and nanowires with applications in photonics”.

At AG Eickhoff, Dr. Alonso's research is focused on the study and optimization of the structural and optical properties of gallium oxide thin films and microwire cavities, leading a small sub-group composed of PhD student Martin Williams and Master student Ruben Neelissen. He also works on the photoluminescence analysis of InGaN nanowires.

He currently has 7 publications as a first author in high impact indexed journals, as well as one book chapter. He is proficient in Spanish and English and he has a basic knowledge of German. He is eager to establish links with other researchers in the field that have common interests.