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Ekaterina Paustyan and Michael Rochlitz at ICSID-Harriman Institute workshop

Michael Rochlitz and Ekaterina Paustyan participated in the “Emerging Topics in Russian and Eurasian Studies” online workshop on November 4th, 2021. The workshop was organized by our cooperation partner the International Center for the Study of institutions and Development (ICSID) at the Higher School of Economics and the Harriman Institute at Columbia University, and marked the 10th and 75th anniversary of these two research centers.

Ekaterina Paustyan presented her paper “The use and effectiveness of ’clone’ candidates in Russian and Ukrainian parliamentary elections” (with Stas Gorelik), while Michael Rochlitz presented the first results of a survey experiment carried out in Russia about authoritarian durability, prospects of change and individual behavior (co-authored by Yulia Khalikova, Olga Masyutina and Koen Schoors).