All Yearbook Editions from 2013 to 2021

Below, you can download the 2013 to 2019/2020 yearbooks as PDFs. For data protection reasons, the digital editions do not include the list of graduates. Printed editions from the previous years are available from the Administrative Unit for University Communication and Marketing. Send an email to presseprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.

The latest edition was published in 2021. Marking the university’s 50th birthday, the anniversary yearbook “DARUM. All the reasons WHY.” was published in a small, pocket-sized format. It is available at www.uni-bremen.de/en/50years/publication. To order a printed copy, use our contact form.

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One hand holds three magazines, on the cover you can read the word DARUM
The Yearbook of the University of Bremen will be published for the last time in 2021. In the year of the 50th anniversary of the University, it also functions as an anniversary publication.

"And Then? Paths After Graduation": 2019/2020 Edition

And then? Your degree is over, your apprenticeship complete. Bring on your first job – or not? Four women and four men from nearly 50 years of the University of Bremen tell us about their lives after graduation and which different life and career paths they took.

For our yearbook theme "And then? Paths after graduation", we will introduce you to graduates of our university and their different life and career paths. 

Das Jahresthema „Und dann? Wege nach dem Studium“ ist auch online verfügbar.
Das Jahresthema „Und dann? Wege nach dem Studium“ ist auch online verfügbar.
  • Yearbook 2019

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"Broadening Perspectives": 2018/2019 Edition

Transfer plays a significant role at the University of Bremen – but what does the term “transfer” mean exactly? The university sees transfer as a cooperative process between society, businesses, administration, and academia. Researching together, learning from each other, discussing as equals, and taking on responsibility for society are important aspects of this process. For our yearbook theme, we will introduce you to people from different disciplines who embody our idea of transfer. They are just a small sample of many employees of this university who are dedicated to dialogue on a day-to-day basis.

Titelbild Jahrbuch 2018/19. Tansfer weiterdenken.

"20 Years of Future": 2017/2018 Edition

20 Years of Future – this is the title of the 20th edition of our yearbook. What ­expectations have the people connected to our university had over the past twenty years – and what do they think the future will bring? This is what academics and employees of the University, its ­president and two of his predecessors, graduates, people from politics, business and culture tell us in a selection of short videos. Their statements have been illustrated in a graphic recording. All this awaits you on the following pages.

“Training Teachers – Shaping the Future”: 2016/2017 Edition

Nine out of the University of Bremen’s twelve Faculties are involved in training teachers for all school types. How is this training organized? What is the cooperation like between the university and schools? How are our university students prepared for real life teaching? And what makes a good teacher? This year’s main topic “Teacher Education” answers these and other questions. In four different videos, you can meet teachers, students of teacher education, school pupils from Bremen, and trainee teachers in their postgraduate internship.


Trailer of the yearbook theme 2016/2017 "Training Teachers – Shaping the Future" (in German only)
  • Yearbook 2016/17

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"Cooperations": 2015 Edition

What do marine worms have to do with cooperation? What is it about the University of Bremen that attracts the devotion of its alumni and sponsors? Why do creative people and enterprises like working with the University of Bremen? What is the meaning of cooperation for the researchers and staff of the University? Questions like these are at the heart of the issue of the University of Bremen’s Yearbook 2015: For “cooperation” is its featured theme. You can also watch a video about this topic.


Watch the yearbook short film 2015.
  • Yearbook 2015

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"University of Excellence – Half-time": 2014 Edition

"University of Excellence – Half-time" is the central theme of the University of Bremen’s Yearbook 2014. It is now a full two and a half years since the University was officially permitted to call itself a University of Excellence in 2012 – and we have therefore reached the halfway stage of additional funding through the program financed by the German Government and the Federal States: Time to take stock of the situation to date. Our Yearbook 2014 tells you something about the people and projects encompassed by the Excellence Initiative.

  • Yearbook 2014

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"Internationality": 2013 Edition

"Internationality" is the central theme of the Yearbook 2013, which is available as a printed or online version. Students, researchers, and university staff  "relate" to how they experience and live the intercultural diversity.


  • Yearbook 2013

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