The KKSB offers university courses in international Master's programme Medical Biometry/Biostatistics 
and for students in
Mathematics and Industrial Mathematics at the Faculty 3 of the University of Bremen.

Courses for M.Sc Medical Biometry/Biostatistics

  • Clinical Trials I and II
  • Datamanagement
  • Statistical Programming
  • Multiple Testing Problems
  • Sequential and Adaptive Trial Designs
  • Problems of Biometric Research
  • Statistical Modeling III
  • Survival Analysis

Current information on the courses of international Master's programme "Medical Biometry/Biostatistics" can be found here.

Courses for Mathematics and Industrial Mathematics

  • Stochastics
  • Statistics I
  • Linear Models (Statistics II)
  • Generalized Linear and Mixed Linear Models
  • Bayes Statistics
  • Graphical Models
  • Reading Course
  • Research Seminar

The courses for Mathematics and Industrial Mathematics are organized via the online platform StudIP.

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