The Biometry section works closely together with physicians, health scientists and researchers from other scientific disciplines. We have experience with a broad range of study designs and statistical methods. We feel obligated to the principles of GCP (Good Clinical Practice) (good clinical practice) and follow corresponding standard operating procedures.

We support clinical and non-clinical studies with regard to all biometrical aspects. Our support starts with the study plan, covers data management and extends to the statistical analysis of the data. Our services include, for instance, sample size calculation, randomization and statistical monitoring. We provide support in the preparation of study protocols, interim and final study reports as well as scientific publications. If needed, we support our partners also in the trial and study management.

Our group is also involved in statistical methodological research. We develop and investigate new statistical methods, models and study designs for clinical and other types of medical studies. We work on a broad range of statistical and mathematical approaches that are tailored to the scientific questions in our applications. Our current research focus is, for instance, on methods for adaptive study designs, in particular, for trials in personalized medicine, multiple testing and simultaneous inference, subgroup analysis in clinical trials, robust association analysis, and statistical methods in laboratory medicine.

Leadership: Prof. Dr. Werner Brannath

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