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Molecular plant-microbe interactions


Molecular plant-bacteria interactions

Model system: endophytic diazotrophic bacteria (Azoarcus spp. and related genera) and Gramineae such as rice and Kallar grass:

Molecular mechanisms of plant-bacteria interactions (Functional genomics of bacteria and rice, detection and analysis of bacterial in planta gene expression, deciphering molecular cross-talk, colonization and host recognition)

Functional diversity of  endophytic diazotrophs, community structure and activity in situ (cultivation-independent molecular detection of bacteria and their activities (nifH-microarray), classical isolation techniques, polyphasic taxonomy)

Regulation of bacterial gene expression (transcriptome and proteome analysis, genetic and biochemical analysis of signal transduction

Head of the group

Prof. Dr. Barbara Reinhold-Hurek

Lab. for General Microbiology

Faculty of Biology University of Bremen

Phone: + 49-421-218-62860

Mail to Reinhold-Hurek


Sefanie Haack

Secretariat Microbiology

Lab. for General Microbiology Department 2 (Biology / Chemistry)

University of Bremen
Postfach 33 04 40
D-28334 Bremen / Germany

Mail to Haack

Phone: +49 (0) 421 218-62861
Fax: +49 (0) 421 218-62873

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