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In order to finalize your enrolment at the University of Bremen you have to appear in person at our Secretaries to Students International (SFS-International). You will receive an English version of the admission form together with an invoice which you have to use for the transfer of the semester contribution. To enrol you have to produce the following:

  • your completed admission form
  • your passport
  • your letter of admission to our master programme
  • any document you failed to send in with your application
  • your health insurance certificate or the proof of exemption

Our Secretaries to Students International will inform you about your enrolment number so that you are able to remit the semester contribution. After the University has received your remittance your enrolment is complete. At that point your enrolment documents (e.g. student ID card, public transport card) are printed automatically and mailed to the address you have stated on your admission form.

Please note that registration at the University of Bremen is valid for one semester only. You have to re-register each subsequent semester. If you already are a student accepted and registered at the University of Bremen, you will receive your re-registration documents together with the invoice by mail. Pay the semester contribution through your bank account, using the invoice mailed to you. At SFS-International you submit your completed re-registration form together with the health insurance certificate for the new term which will be mailed to you. Please note: the closing dates for re-registration usually fall within the previous semester. Registration deadlines are August 15 for the following winter term, and February 15 for the summer term. If you fail to renew your registration in time, you will not be allowed to continue your studies. Please keep this in mind whenever you plan to travel!