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To enrol at the University of Bremen you need valid health insurance. In Germany, you may choose several health insurance providers. When you sign up with the provider of your choice, they immediately issue the certificate of insurance that is required at secretaires to students international. As a member of a recognised foreign health insurance provider, you are exempt from the obligatory German health insurance requirements. Please check with your home health insurance provider. Only a few companies of several EU countries are recognised in Germany. Whichever system you use, for registration you have to produce a confirmation letter or certificate which indicates the recognised identification number of your health insurance provider.

In Germany, the contributions for the health insurance for students are laid down by law. That is why you pay the same contribution at any statutory health insurance provider. When choosing your company, you should pay attention to extra service benefits or special offers for students. Structure and services differ from provider to provider.

Eligibility for student health insurance

In order to be insured by a statutory health insurer as a student the following conditions must be met:

  • you have not reached the 14th semester (in one field of study) and/or
  • you have not reached the age of 30. 

If you do not meet these requirements, you cannot be insured by statutory health insurance. In this case you have to sign up with a private health insurance company.