Music for all

Summer Semester 2021

In the summer semester 2021 all musical activities will be severely restricted due to COVID. It is recommeded that you look up the individual homepages  for eventual remaining activities.

Musical performances at the University of Bremen

University Music: Join in to make music – talk about music – listen and enjoy!

There are many ways to actively participate in music making at the University of Bremen. The two major ensembles are the University Choir and the Symphony Orchestra, both of which often perform jointly in large venues like the Bremen Glocke concert hall and the Dom Cathedral. They also perform independently on the campus, in town, and various venues in and around Bremen. Another major bastion of university music is the Big Band. And the University of Bremen is unique in having its own Tango Orchestra, which under Argentinean conductorship features not only the tango-typical instruments, but also not-typical instruments like flute, trombone or guitar. Students of the University of Bremen can also access the Bremen University of the Arts’ Großer Hochschulchor,  Kammerchor, and Popchor.

For those with a more theoretical approach and who prefer to deliberate on music and its aspects, the seminar M4all - Music for all is offered every winter semester.

Music can be accredited to your studies

Students attending any of the offerings mentioned on the left-hand side can have their achievements accredited within the frame of “Complementary Studies” and “General Studies” at the University of Bremen and receive ETCS credit points (CPs):
3 CPs for participating in the Orchestra or Choir of the University of Bremen or the Chamber Choir of Bremens University of Arts and the University of Bremen;
9 CPs in the seminar "M4all";
2 CPs in the Tango Orchestra or in the Big Band of the University of Bremen or in the Large choir of the Bremen University of the Arts and the University of Bremen or in the Pop Choir of Bremen's University of Arts.

Four pianos for everyone

There four two pianos available for those who want to practice while at the University, even though they are not enrolled as music students.


Concerts in Theatersaal – free entrance!

And anyone on the campus who has a little time to spare and would like to listen to music in a relaxed atmosphere can do so every Tuesday lunch time during the semester in the "Theatersaal" next to the "Mensa" dining hall – and entrance is completely free!




Music lovers who want to be informed about the concerts performed at the University of Bremen on a regular basis can enter their name in our Mailing List.


Flyer “Music for all”

Overview of musical offerings scheduled for the semester

Everything one needs to know about the many musical offerings scheduled each semester can be found in the Flyer "Music for all", also available as a download, but in German only.