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InnoQuarter – The project to support entrepreneurs in our region

Are you working on an idea for a start-up and would like to test out your prototype at an early stage and obtain some feedback from potential customers? Or have you already established a start-up and would like to know what customers think about your products and services so you can develop them according to market demand? Then it’s worth taking a look at the InnoQuarter project!

InnoQuarter is an EU-funded innovation quarter and part of the INTERREG North Sea Region program, whose objective is to support innovation and sustainable economic growth in the North Sea region. The InnoQuarter project aims to accelerate the development and introduction of start-up products and services. InnoQuarter comprises ten partners in total, including LEMEX. Our international partners come from Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden.


What is the concept behind InnoQuarter?

Nine out of ten innovations fail. This is often because a prototype has not been tested sufficiently before the product is launched, or products and services are offered for which no market exists. To avoid this problem, it is important to consider the opinions of potential customers at an early stage, when entrepreneurs are still developing their own business models. In the development phase, in particular, entrepreneurs are often confronted with the difficulty of not being able to test their business idea under realistic conditions – the InnoQuarter project offers a solution here. By using festivals as both  “Living Labs” and development catalysts, entrepreneurs can obtain direct customer feedback and ultimately reduce their investment costs.

From concept to realization – how does the concept work for entrepreneurs?



This year as well, we would like to give start-ups in our region the opportunity to evaluate their innovations at festivals, and to achieve this, we would like to use the virtual environment as well. A schedule for the (virtual) festivals this year can be found on the InnoQuarter website.


One event highlight of recent years...

 was definitely the Breminale – the video gives you an impression of what it was like:

This is how you can submit your idea for consideration

If you are interested in getting support from InnoQuarter and are looking for a platform to test your products, then you can apply here for free.

The condition is that your idea has to promote at least one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and that a prototype or service for testing has already been developed.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!