OPEN CAMPUS has been a tradition at the University of Bremen since 2013: every two years, the university invites inhabitants of Bremen and surrounding areas to come and experience research and teaching up close. The program includes tours, talks, stage shows, the Children’s Campus and an open-air concert in the evening.


The year 2021 presented us with particularly great challenges. That year's OPEN CAMPUS was an entire OPEN CAMPUS WEEK from June 7 to 13, 2021 – and it was all DIGITAL!

Due to the pandemic, we had to decide if and how OPEN CAMPUS could take place. We quickly decided against a cancellation and in favor of a digital solution. 

So, after a long planning process, the Interactive Map was created, with which one could virtually move through the campus, the pagodas, and buildings. Numerous areas of the university and institutes, who put on a colorful and varied program, were involved again and there was something exciting to discover for all ages!

Virtual pagodas and building tours were only part of what was on offer. Many lectures, discussions, panels, and co. were offered as digital alternatives. We also launched the Uni Bremen Charity Run, where anyone interested was able to collect kilometers jogging at home.

In 2023, we are looking forward to another in-person OPEN CAMPUS on the University of Bremen campus!