The European Minimum Wage directive

And why it is a challenge to trade union's but not employers' unity

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    [Translate to English:] The proposal of a European minimum wage directive by the European Commission was supposed to improve working conditions. This article asks why such an initiative created a challenge to the unity of unions, but not of employers’ associations at transnational level. The authors provide a network analysis of the communication structure of social partners. Applying Scharpf’s concepts of positive and negative integration and Hirschman’s typology of exit, voice and loyalty, the authors use qualitative methods to show how employers stayed loyal and united towards negative integration, while different voices arose within the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) leading to the temporary ‘exit’ of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation.

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Book Review

The role of social partners in managing Europe’s great recession. Crisis corporatism or corporatism in crisis?

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    [Translate to English:] Review by Franziska Laudenbach of the anthology "The role of social partners in managing Europe's great recession. Crisis corporatism or corporatism in crisis?" which was edited by Bernhard Ebbinghaus and J. Timo Weishaupt. The book includes contributions covering national as well as European perspectives on social partners activities in crisis management across Europe.

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Working Paper

Theoretical conceptions of transnational solidarity in working relations

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    [Translate to English:] Working Paper 1 was written by Ilana Nussbaum Bitran, Irene Dingeldey and Franziska Laudenbach. It contains a theoretical discussion of transnational solidarity in European working relations. Furthermore, it illustrates our theoretical concept for the analysis of places and motives of transnational solidarity.

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