Working Paper 1 "Theoretical conceptions of transnational solidarity in working relations"



In this working paper, we theoretically discuss solidarity as a fundament of working relations in light of a globalized and transnational context. Based on these theoretical perspectives, we elaborate how solidaristic action can be analyzed in our project-related places and topics. We define a multidimensional conceptual framework of transnational workers' solidarity in the EU which focuses on (1) stabilization mechanisms as a form of institutionalisation, (2) group formation as a process of bonding and bridging, and (3) motives and forms of interactions.

In order to see how transnational solidarity emerges and is put into action, we propose to focus on three 'places' of solidarity where we apply the above-mentioned multidimensional conceptual framework: (i) the political arena of the EU, EU institutions and the actions of federal European union organisation, but also of national organisations, to influence decisions taken by EU institutions, (ii) multi-national enterprises and institutionalized or organized representatives of workers in the companies, as for example European Works Councils, and (iii) cross national, regional or local organisations and actions, possibly linked to particular workplaces, respectively driven by individual actors, promoting cross border action.