Theoretical Bio- and Neurophysics

The Theoretical Neurophysics lab conducts a wide variety of research into neural dynamics and function, adaptation and learning, complex adaptive systems, and neurotechnology.

Using methods from physics, statistics and mathematics, our group investigates dynamics and information processing in the brain. Our work comprises modelling, numerical simulation, and formal analysis of neural systems. Many of our studies are performed in close collaboration with experimentalists for model evaluation, for the development of new techniques in data analysis, and for identifying signatures of cognitive processes in brain data. Emerging ideas for neurotechnological applications are jointly explored together with neurophysiologists and electrical engineers at Bremen University.

It hosted the independent research group of Dr. Udo Ernst (Bernstein Award for Computational Neuroscience 2010, BPCN Ernst) and the Bernstein Group for Computational Neurosciences (BGCN Bremen).

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