TZI is working on household robots that can make life easier for people with disabilities.

Eye on the future

TZI constantly needs to reinvent itself. Many of the research topics from ten to 20 years ago have now found their way into our daily lives, for example as apps on our smartphones. Similarly, today’s research projects at TZI will influence many new products within the next 20 years.

In the field of robotics, TZI strives to support people who need assistance on a regular basis by performing important tasks for them.

Another strong focus of TZI’s research concerns the interaction between humans and technology. Keyboards and computer mouses, for example, will continue to become less important, and even smartphones with their touchscreens will probably be obsolete one day. New forms of interaction, such as gestures, eye movement, or brain waves will emerge. TZI will contribute to these technologies in ways that will be beneficial to society.   

In addition, TZI will continue to develop a clear vision of the benefits that technology can have for humans in general – at work and in their leisure time. Another important goal is to improve the usability of technologies for people with disabilities. In research projects and in cooperation with private companies we are striving to advance our vision of human-centered informatics and information technology which can easily be used by anyone in many contexts.

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