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General and Theoretical Ecology

Head: Prof. Dr. Juliane Filser

Based on long-term ecosystem research, soil ecology and ecological theory we are working on sustainable solutions for a healthy environment. Main research areas are prospective environmental hazard assessment, interactions between primary producers and soil animals and their impact on carbon cycling. At present, major research topics involve projects on the impact of engineered nanomaterials on the environment and the application of biochar for improving soil fertility and soil health. Additionally, emphasis is given on critical assessment of standardised testing procedures for assessing environmental effects of nanomaterials.


11.11.19:  Master/Bachelor Thesis/Project offer: How can clay mineralsimpact the toxicity of copper oxide nanoparticles towards soil organisms?

12.09.19: Das 12. Milbenkundliche Kolloquium findet vom 26. bis 28. September 2019 im Zentrum für Umweltforschung und nachhaltige Technologien (UFT) statt

01.09.19: On September 01, 2019 Parasto Norouzi, our new secretary, has started. A very warm welcome to our group!

28.06.2019: The next paper which has been accepted: see

15.04.19: Our new paper shows x-ray microphotographs of silver nanoparticle uptake in Collembola, and how their toxicity is affected by single soil components. Free download before June 4, 2019:

03.04.2019: Our new paper is out, and right in the University News:

Pflanzenschutzmittel: Forscherteam fordert Umdenken. Die Zulassungspraxis von Pflanzenschutzmitteln verfehlt die angestrebten Umweltstandards und trägt zum Verlust von biologischer Vielfalt bei. Deshalb fordert eine internationale Expertenguppe unter Beteiligung der Universität Bremen eine Veränderung des Zulassungsverfahrens.

01.04.2019: What a day: we welcome our PhD student Lea Spelzhausen, together with Yvonne Sakka and Antje Siol who will work on the new project "ALBINA" - more to follow soon!

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