Environmental Handbook

1 preliminary remarks  PDF

1.1 Purpose of the Environmental Handbook
1.2 Normative Basis for the Environmental Handbook
1.3 Scope of the Environmental Handbook
1.4 Responsibility for the Application of the Environmental Handbook
1.5 Other documents in the environmental management system of the University of Bremen
1.6 Explanation of the Structure of the Procedural Instructions
1.7 Entry into force of the environmental manual

2 procedural instructions for the environmental management system  PDF

2.1 Environmental Policy PDF
2.2 Organizational structure PDF
2.3 Environmental management system PDF
2.4 Environmental manual PDF
2.5 Environmental goals and environmental program PDF
2.6 Environmental audits / environmental management review PDF
2.7 Communication / Environmental statement PDF
2.8 Deviations in the environmental management system PDF

3 procedural instructions in fields of action relevant to environmental protection PDF

3.1.1 Energy and media management PDF
3.1.2 Consumption data collection and processing PDF
3.2 Inspection and maintenance  PDF
3.3 Testing electrical equipment PDF
3.4 Supervision of contractors and external personnel PDF
3.5 Environmental aspects in construction planning and maintenance PDF
3.6 Fleet management PDF
3.7 Cleaning PDF
3.8 Procurement PDF
3.9 Hazardous materials management PDF
3.10 Recyclables, residual waste and hazardous waste PDF
3.11 Wastewater PDF
3.12 Maintenance / testing / monitoring PDF
3.13 Radiation protection PDF
3.14 Biological safety PDF
3.15 Emergency preparedness and fire protection PDF
3.16 Traffic management PDF
3.17 Instruction and training PDF
3.18 Legal requirements PDF
3.19 Research and education PDF
3.20 Water protection PDF

4 Supplementary documents  PDF

4.1 List of "Specialized personnel in occupational safety, health and environmental protection" PDF
4.2 List of people in charge are available at the administration
4.3 List of First Aiders at the University of Bremen PDF
4.4 Checklist "Involvement of specialists for occupational safety, health and environmental protection" PDF
4.5 List "Laws and regulations relevant to the environment and safety" PDF
4.6 List of currently valid versions of other regulations of the University of Bremen concerning occupational safety, health and environmental protection PDF
4.7 Checklist "Information and instruction of external companies" PDF
4.8 Accompanying document for work by external companies PDF
4.9 Evaluation matrix for determining significant environmental aspects PDF
4.10 Opportunities and risks from stakeholders PDF